Arkan Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company (“Arkan”) is one of the leading real estate investment and property management Companies in Kuwait. Founded in 2003, our team of professionals excels in providing real estate development, facilities maintenance and specialized consulting services, specialized investment studies, research, and feasibility reports, to meet the needs and investment objectives of our clients. Arkan has become the first and preferred choice for real estate investors in Kuwait and throughout the region. Our vast experience in conducting market surveys and specialized studies, and in-depth due diligence allows us to identify prime real estate investment opportunities. Arkan employs a professional team that is highly-experienced in all fields of real estate investment, development, property management and maintenance. The Company holds a leading position in the market today. As per the organization’s policies, Arkan Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company operates in accordance with the terms and conditions compliant to the Islamic Sharia. Arkan targets a wide variety of profitable real estate projects. By combining our real estate investment and development expertise with property management and facilities maintenance services, Arkan Al-Kuwait’s property portfolio generates strong and stable returns on investment. Our continuous and rapid business development along with our sound financial position has created a series of remarkable investment successes that has produced continuous and stable quarterly and annual profits.
At Arkan we follow a set of strategic values to ensure a positive and productive business conduct and create a work environment that encourages creativity:

Gaining the trust of our clients, partners, and all parties doing business with the Company by performing our work with the utmost credibility.


Maintaining honest and fair dealing in all the Company’s transactions.


Ensuring high quality and excellent management in all our products and services.


Adhering to the highest standards of work ethics ensures the most effective utilization of time, effort, and resources.


Ensuring high quality and excellent management in all our products and services.

The aforementioned pillars of value were formed by studying and responding to market conditions and our clients. This created a culture of trust and mutual respect reflected through our daily activities, goals, and principles
OUR MISSION is to is to contribute positively and consistently to Kuwait’s economy. We accomplish this by pursuing a strict set of plans, procedures, and tasks:

  • Creating innovative investment projects.
  • Conducting in-depth due diligence to accurately determine and manage investment risk
  • Gaining and strengthening the trust of our Stakeholders
OUR VISION is to be consistently perceived as the leading real estate Company in Kuwait and the region. We aim to accomplish this by bringing together state-of-the-art technology, high quality and exceptional products, and innovate real estate investment services. By combining the best in real estate development with strategic market segment and geographic diversification we continue to increase profit margins and overall returns to our shareholders.
At Arkan we consistently strive to attain and surpass our goals and objectives by recruiting the most talented professionals in our industry. The entrepreneurial spirit of our staff combined with high expectations for excellence allow the Company to identify unique real estate investment opportunities.

We are constantly working to increase market share by developing our real estate portfolio with innovative products and by continuously responding to the needs of every segment of the community. Arkan Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company makes customer satisfaction a number one priority by constantly developing after-lease services to best serve their needs.
Our strategy at Arkan is based on an established set of principles. The most prominent are providing a secure investment portfolio and guaranteeing greater returns while minimizing risks.

We accomplish this through our ambitious and handpicked team of real estate professionals. They receive ongoing training and are provided with the tools needed to effectively execute our business strategies of adding value, achieving the highest service quality, and increasing advancement and development.

By managing our real estate investments to generate the highest possible returns, we are able to reinvest those gains into new investments that are consistent with the Company’s strategy and that meet the evolving needs of the market.