Since being established in 2003, Arkan has professionally and evaluated hundreds of property investment opportunities using the common standards of this sector.


Our assessment and valuation team are one of the best in Kuwait. Team members consist of key management, technical staff, engineers and technical support who specialize in the study of all types of real estate. All members of our assessment and valuation team receive on-going training and certification in specialized courses both locally and abroad.


Real estate valuation is a science that examines the value of real property in all of its varied forms including agricultural, unoccupied land, residential, commercial, and industrial. Our scientific valuation methodologies include the comparative market sales and income capitalization approach.


These valuation methods require the evaluator to be familiar with a mixture of important scientific techniques from the fields of finance, statistics, engineering, micro and macroeconomics.
The services we offer in the Real Estate Valuation Department include:


1. Evaluating properties within Kuwait
2. Economic feasibility studies for exciting projects
3. Determining the economic rents and occupancy of the units
4. Estimating construction costs for properties


To ensure the most accurate valuation services possible we are officially accredited as a licensed evaluator by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait to evaluate the various types of properties according to the approved standards. We are also accredited by many banks as well as investment and real estate entities. In addition, being licensed by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM), the Company operates according to the standards of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC).